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Cloud computing offers a flexible, cost effective and secure solution to your IT needs. And as a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner we’re perfectly placed to make cloud computing happen for you.

Whether you're looking for a public cloud solution such as Microsoft Office 365, or a bespoke private cloud computing solution using our secure data centre, cloud computing enables you to run your business effectively and securely from anywhere with an internet connection, meeting the challenge of business mobility in a cost effective and fully scalable way.

But what is cloud computing?

In a nutshell, all of your company data and applications are moved away from your on-site servers and into a secure data centre or “the cloud”. Your usual IT services are then delivered directly to you over a secure internet connection. You are effectively renting server space. It removes the need to purchase and maintain expensive servers for your office while giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Think of it as IT on demand.

What are the benefits? 
You can access your company data from anywhere, and on any device.
It enables flexible working which boosts productivity.
You can share documents with employees and colleagues - whatever their location.
Cloud helps you establish a secure remote data backup.
It gives you seamless business continuity in the event of an emergency.
You get enterprise class reliability.
Cloud cuts costs - low capital expenditure and reduced running costs.
It will decrease your impact on the environment.
It's a fully scalable solution.
It's low risk.

Hosted by Microsoft and supported by Axon, Microsoft Office 365 brings together the feature-rich tools of Microsoft's applications to enable you to work anytime, anyplace.

With Office 365 you can ...
Access and share documents from anywhere with an internet connection, and on any device.
Make real-time contact via instant messaging, audio and video calling, live web conferencing and online meetings.
Manage and access email, calendar and contacts from any location.

... all via a remote connection, from any location and on any device.

So what do you get?
Office Professional Plus or web applications
Exchange Online
SharePoint Online
OneDrive for Business
Lync Online

Starting from as little as £3.10 per user per month, Microsoft Office 365 helps you to relieve the burden of managing and maintaining your IT systems, leaving you to get on with what you do best - running your business. And as a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner, we're perfectly placed to make Office 365 happen for you.


Want to give Microsoft Office 365 a try? Click here to download your free 30 day trial or give us a call on 01625 837800 to arrange an online demonstration.

So if you're looking for a cloud computing company, or you need a Microsoft Office 365 provider, then get in touch.

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"Axon worked closely with Brighter Futures through the recent planning, installation and commissioning of an extensive communications system in our new head office. They gave sound, considered advice and followed through with skilful and well managed installation. Axon continues to offer reliable technical support, ensuring that our customers, stakeholders and remote staff teams can stay in contact."

Director of Business Development, Brighter Futures, Project: Telecoms refresh

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