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Cloud Solutions

We’ve embraced cloud computing to offer a full range of cloud services, from Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, to custom-made virtual and VoIP telephony solutions in our data centre. Work smarter, and achieve business-boosting benefits through increased mobility, improved security and better control.

Private cloud

High performance, secure cloud computing that’s dedicated to your business needs.

Take control of your data with private cloud solutions from Axon.

Public cloud

Scalable, on-demand cloud computing with guaranteed performance and ultimate flexibility.

Find out how we can migrate your business to the cloud.

Hybrid cloud

Want to leverage the strength of public and private cloud computing for greater performance and ultimate flexibility?

Get the best of both worlds with hybrid cloud solutions from Axon. 


Looking for a flexible communications system that grows with your business?

Find out how your telecoms can improve business continuity with scalable VoIP solutions from Axon. 

We offer a broad range of cloud based services for businesses in Cheshire and beyond

Wondering if there's a cloud solution that's right for you? Let's talk...

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