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The 12 Stages to GDPR Compliance – Stage 6, Data Protection Officers and International Businesses

This is the final in our series of blogs helping you to become GDPR compliant. In this post we are looking at Data Protection Officers, what it means and international businesses. Data Protection Officers A data protection officer is a person who is appointed to take responsibility for data protection compliance. If your organisation falls […]

Written by Rudi Duffy on July 27th 2017

The 12 Stages to GDPR Compliance – Stage 5, Data breaches and Data Protection

In this blog we’re talking to you about data breaches and data protection – two very important aspects of becoming GDPR compliant. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right procedures in place to detect, report and investigate a data breach. Depending on your industry you may already be required to notify […]

Written by Rudi Duffy on July 20th 2017

Introducing Microsoft 365

Big news at last weeks Microsoft Inspire conference in Washington DC was the announcement of Microsoft 365. Bundling up its core products, Microsoft 365 offers Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) and Windows 10 in one monthly per user fee. It represents a fundamental shift in how the tech giant will design, build and go to market to […]

Written by Anna on July 18th 2017

Our time at Microsoft Inspire 2017 #MSInspire

Wow – what a week. Washington DC was the setting for this years Microsoft worldwide partner conference, and this year the event was rebranded Microsoft Inspire – and it’s easy to see why. Almost 18,000 Microsoft partners travelled from 140 countries to meet at this prestigious and immense gathering for a week of innovative learning, networking and partnership celebration. […]

Written by Anna on July 17th 2017

The 12 Stages to GDPR Compliance – Stage 4, Subject Access and Lawful Basis for Processing Personal Data

The General Data Protection Regulation means you must obtain consent and a positive opt-in for marketing communications. The consent for you to market to recipients must be given freely, specific, informed and unambiguous. By gaining consent you are able to legally market to your data. A positive form of consent must also be separate from […]

Written by Rudi Duffy on July 13th 2017
Keeping your PC Safe

Social Engineering – part 5: The conclusion

Throughout the series we’ve talked about all things Social Engineering, from what you need to know, to CEO and Invoice fraud and even Spear Phishing. We hope you’ve found our blog series helpful. So, what did we learn? Hopefully we’ve helped you learn how to better protect your business against cyber attackers, and if your […]

Written by Rudi Duffy on July 12th 2017

How can Enterprise Mobility + Security Protect Your Business?

In today’s world, the growth of technology is beneficial to many people, due to the numerous possibilities out there that can transform a business into a successful company. For example, the ability to join conferences and meetings anywhere in the world through applications such as Skype etc has been considered such a beneficial progression in […]

Written by Rudi Duffy on July 6th 2017

Harriet Smith – My Work Experience Day 3

Hi it’s Harriet again and this is my last day working with Axon. If I could put into words all that I have learned over the last few days then we’d be here a long time. However, what I can say is that this experience has enriched me as a person and given me an […]

Written by Rudi Duffy on July 6th 2017

The 12 Stages to GDPR Compliance – Stage 3, Subject Access and Lawful Basis for Processing Personal Data

The fifth step in the 12 Steps to becoming GDPR compliant requires you to update your procedures – especially when it comes to subject access request. You are required to put a plan in place that details how you will handle requests. Your procedure should cover the following – you will now only have a […]

Written by Rudi Duffy on July 6th 2017

How to access your work anywhere, any time

Would your business run more smoothly if you had the chance to access your data any time from any place? If yes, then Office 365 is your answer. Office 365 is available to use on all your devices. It is as effective on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a laptop, which gives […]

Written by Rudi Duffy on July 5th 2017

Social Engineering – part 4: What is Spear Phishing?

In this fourth and final blog of the series, we’re talking about spear phishing. What is it, and what this new type of phishing means for you and your organisation. For those who haven’t yet heard of spear phishing we’ll explain it all, help you to make the right decisions if you think you could […]

Written by Anna on July 5th 2017

Harriet Smith – My Work Experience Day 2

Hi it’s Harriet again, to start off my second day of work experience with Axon, I was given the chance to write a blog for the website which would tie into a campaign idea linked through their social media. For most of the day I was researching Office 365, how it worked, the benefits of […]

Written by Rudi Duffy on July 5th 2017

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