15 features of Microsoft Dynamics that will put your sales targets in the rear-view mirror

Written by Rob on September 26 2018

Smash sales targets

Looking for a cost-effective way to help your team surpass their sales targets? Microsoft Dynamics is ranked as the leading solution for Sales Force Automation by both Gartner and Forrester. As any sales person will tell you, you don’t see quality like this every day.

Here are our favourite features:

1. Customised options

It’s disruptive getting used to a whole new way of doing things. Customise Dynamics so you can adapt it to how your employees work. That way, it’s a smooth change into high gear, and your team can get to closing deals faster than ever before.

2. Integration with other services

Not only does Dynamics work seamlessly with Microsoft products, like the Office suite (Outlook, SharePoint etc.) and Skype, but it can also integrate with other services. Get package services with pre-built applications, such as LinkedIn integration, with AppSource.

3. Business process workflows

Automated workflows provide a consistent experience, both for your sales team and for your customers. It’s a guide to follow that makes everything easier. Just go with the flow.

4. Data collection and reporting

Microsoft Dynamics collects customer data and puts together reports for you. You can drill into the detail and find out what works and what doesn’t. Figure out a way to enhance your sales without relying on gut feeling.

5. Lead scoring

Using Microsoft’s machine learning intelligence, Dynamics is able to automatically prioritise leads. With this smart list, your sales team doesn’t miss out on customers that are impatient to buy.

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6. Customer management

From the dashboard, you can go to a customer profile and see a data-driven estimate of time until close. Then, your sales people can manage their interactions, knowing exactly where they are in the process from a glance.

7. AI-driven updates and suggestions

For added support, the Relationship Assistant gives you a quick update on the latest activity with a customer. It can tell you that you left a voicemail two days ago and then suggest a follow-up action, depending on your processes.

8. Email engagement

Microsoft Dynamics lets you know how many emails have been opened, responded to, or not opened. You never have to waste time asking, ‘Did you get my email?’ again.

9. Social listening

Dynamics pulls in (even more!) data through the Social engagement tool, so you can track what customers are saying about your business online.

10. Competitor tracking

Create competitor profiles and line up how your offering compares with others, so if a customer asks, you know exactly where you are in the race. Ahead, obviously.

11. Event creation

If you want to engage multiple leads at once, an event is a brilliant solution. With Dynamics, you can send automated emails, and track attendance and conversion.

12. Maps for field sales

If you’ve got a lot of meetings to go to in one day, having a map with client addresses all in one place will help you plan the most efficient routes.

13. Mobile working

Your sales team might be out in the field, or they might prefer working from home. Either way, Dynamics 365 means you can work anytime, anywhere, from any device.

14. Offline mode

Queue up emails and get valuable work done, even if you don’t have internet connection.

15. Team motivation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gamification rewards employees for achieving KPIs like sales targets, call handle times or specific items sold. You can set up automated recognition in the form of privileges or even prizes. Work and play, all rolled into one.

In the future, as your sales targets fly by and stretch goals come into view, think back on all the great decisions that got you where you are today. Think back on that time you got in touch with Axon to ask about what Microsoft Dynamics could do to grow your revenue. Wasn’t that a good idea, eh?

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