20 must-follow Twitter accounts about Microsoft Dynamics

Written by Rob on September 19 2018

20 Twitter accounts for Dynamics

Dynamics 365 is all about connecting business operations like customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Twitter is about connecting people. It’s these connections that make businesses successful.

Share and learn from insights, information and successes. Build better connections with our list of 20 must-follow Twitter accounts about Microsoft Dynamics:

  1. Dynamics 365 @MSFTDynamics365

This is where you’ll get all the latest Dynamics 365 news about updates, events and success stories, straight from Microsoft. A great place to get started, but don’t stop there!

  1. com @msdynamicsworld

The world’s leading independent authority on all things Microsoft Dynamics. Come here for news and views without the sales pitch.

  1. Microsoft @Microsoft

The official Twitter account for broad business information about Microsoft. Any big announcements about products, including Dynamics, will come from here.

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  1. Microsoft News @MSFTnews

From Microsoft case studies to international news, go here to get the latest scoop on all things Microsoft.

  1. Microsoft Business @MSFTBusinessUK

This UK-based page is about IT leaders, CIOs and business owners sharing thoughts and visionary insights with the community.

  1. Microsoft Mechanics @MSFTMechanics

For the technically-minded, explore Microsoft’s latest technology innovations, engineering commentary and demos here.

  1. Microsoft Support @MicrosoftHelps

If you need a hand with Dynamics services, this is the official account for 24/7 support queries.

  1. Microsoft Azure @Azure

This is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. Dynamics 365 includes Azure-hosted services, so go here for integrated information.

  1. Satya Nadella @satyanadella

CEO of Microsoft Corporation and industry thought leader, Satya Nadella’s Twitter page is awash with information and insights.

  1. Julia White @julwhite

Microsoft Corporate Vice President and a dynamic and thoughtful leader in her own right, Julia always has a fresh perspective on technology.

  1. Steve Clayton @stevecla

Get inspired about what Dynamics can do for you by reading the wise words of the ‘Chief Storyteller for Microsoft’.

  1. Murray Fife @murrayfife

 Best-selling author of Dynamics 365 guides and professional at Microsoft, he knows what you need to know before you know you need to know it.

  1. Jason Cosman @cosmanja

Jason is a senior Dynamics CRM developer who shares all sorts of useful insider knowledge about the product.

  1. Ludwig Reinhard @DynamicsAXFico

A Dynamics AX consultant specialising in finance and accounting, Ludwig runs his own blog on the subject: https://dynamicsax-fico.com/

  1. Stefano Demiliani @demiliani

This Dynamics NAV expert’s page is a great stop for technical material and information on Europe-based Microsoft events.

  1. Neil Benson @customery

Ever wondered about how Scrum can work with Dynamics 365? What about how to make the most of Dynamics for customer engagement? Neil has the answers.

  1. Ievgen Miroshnikov @IevgenMir

It’s update city with Microsoft MVP and AX developer, Ievgen. With a talent for picking out interesting articles, your next reading material is a click away.

  1. Martin Dráb @goshoom

Martin is a software architect that provides Dynamics AX training to help both customers and partners, making him a fantastic source of advice.

  1. Goutam Das @Goutam20

For both a business and customer focus, Goutam is a Dynamics CRM expert and senior editor at Business Today.

  1. ITProPortal @ITProPortal

The UK-based hub of technology information resources provides independent views on modern innovations, with plenty of articles on Dynamics. Such as here and here.

There’s lots to talk about with Microsoft Dynamics, and more information comes out every day as people discover applications and Microsoft unleashes updates.

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