Written by Tim on 11 March 2020

Like all businesses, we are closely monitoring the corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak. We wanted to provide you with an update on the actions we are taking in response to it and reassure you that we are prepared, with a clear action plan in place.

Primarily this plan is designed to help us mitigate the effects that this pandemic may have on our employees and their families. While simultaneously allowing the continuation of operations that support essential functions and services to our customers.

Our communications plan is designed to keep all our employees up to date with the latest Government advice, guidelines, and hygiene etiquette as laid out by Public Health England.



In connection with advice provided by Public Health England, we have strengthened our on-site cleanliness measures and are constantly reviewing them. 

As of the close of business 17th March 2020 these actions include, but are not limited to:

  • All remote working policies implemented and detailed on 2nd March remain in place but now all Axon staff will be working remotely, effective 17th March
  • Axon’s head office is officially closed
  • Despite the above measures, all business units remain fully operational and there is no current restriction on services delivered
  • Our staff can work from home and can remotely access ALL our systems in an efficient and secure IT environment, as if they were working from one of our offices
  • Our telephone system is not dependant on the office; therefore, all staff can access our phone system and receive all calls
  • All staff and supplier meetings/events will take place virtually/via Microsoft Teams or be rescheduled
  • All client meetings are recommended to take place virtually/via Microsoft Teams wherever possible
  • We continue to work with clients requiring site visits as to their policies and procedures and will evaluate these and act on a case by case basis
  • All scheduled client project visits will, therefore, continue unless there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the client business. And/or the visit possess a significant risk to Axon employees or unless we hear otherwise.

At the close of business 2nd March 2020, we implemented the following protocol:

  • Established an increased cleaning schedule to sanitise all high-frequency touchpoints 
  • Maintained stock levels of soap, soap dispensers and our hand sanitiser dispensers 
  • Provided all employees and clients with regular communications regarding the current situation
  • Also, in connection with guidance provided by Public Health England, Axon instituted a “work from home” policy for most employees.

These new policies are updated regularly and subject to change as we continue to evaluate risks. Travel restrictions have also been put in place to support the government’s recommendation of ‘social distancing’. 

As said previously, this is unknown territory for us – and many others. But we are committed to working together, keeping our employees safe, and maintaining our service levels to our customers. 

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