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Written by [] on 07 March 2019

Dynamics 365 has the potential to jump-start serious growth for organisations of all stripes, but how does it help, and what does that look like in action? These five UK-based companies offer real-world examples of Dynamics 365 at work and demonstrate just how valuable it can be.

Friction Technology, Ltd.

Friction Technology Ltd. produce friction pads used for a huge range of applications, from brake pads to the construction industry. They’re using Dynamics 365 Business Central to get a handle on their supply chain

They’ve managed to cut down on waste, optimise their supply chain organisation and increase productivity across the organisation. They’ve done away with paperwork in favour of Dynamics’ intuitive platform, accessible from anywhere. Detailed reporting also means they’re making the most of insights from previously unused data.

As Katrina Williams, their general manager, explains:

‘It’s boosted our competitive advantage.’

The University of Worcester

Dynamics 365 isn’t just for the world of business. The University of Worcester – or, more specifically, their Software Development and Programming course – has a unique way of making Dynamics CRM work for them.

They use the platform to educate students about the future of business, and to give them hands-on education with a working CRM. Students can gain experience that is immediately transferable to the real-life workplace, setting them ahead of the curve before they’ve even graduated. It’s resulted in an immediate uptick in positive test results.

Richard Wilkinson, a lecturer consultant at the university, had this to say about the program’s implementation:

‘By providing future graduates with a hands-on learning experience utilizing technology at the cutting edge of business, they can enter the workplace as qualified business and IT professionals.’

Compass Group

Compass Group is an international food services organisation, with operations across 50 countries. Their massive scale and diversity meant that keeping customer service consistent was difficult to manage, so they implemented Dynamics 365 for Sales.

They describe it as ‘a massive success’, having made the most of Dynamics’ easy scalability to set it up at their operations around the world. According to Peter Cinelli Head of International Clients & Market Development:

‘Our conversion rates have vastly improved, meaning our sellers are consistently hitting their targets. We now have a happier sales force and higher job satisfaction.

TMJ Contractors

TMJ Contractors specialize in matching joiners with jobs in construction all over the UK. They suffered from clunky contracting processes and bloated admin, so decided to give Dynamics 365 for Field Services a try.

Instead of spending a reported three days on necessary contracts (per joiner!), they now turn around documentation in minutes with the use of Dynamics on iPads. The time they’ve saved employees has meant that they’ve secured around £50,000 in savings after only 12 months!

Natalie Taylor, their Business Development Manager, said this:

‘We have not only streamlined how we operate, but also vastly improved our bottom line.

Renault Sport Formula One Team

Here’s an exciting one to end with – Renault’s Formula One team is using a whole suite of Microsoft’s cloud services – including Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – to get their cars up to speed.

In their own words, ‘data is the lifeblood of Formula One’. Dynamics is helping their manufacturing team sort out the supply chain to ensure their engineers get the components they need on time.

How has it gone for them? Managing Director Cyril Abiteboul says that:

We get data security we can trust, easy ways to collaborate from anywhere, and faster insights to help us succeed both on and off the track.’

The diversity of the organisations mentioned above is testament to the huge range of applications Dynamics 365 can have across almost every industry. From universities to the racetrack, it’s helped these businesses optimise, streamline and grow.

Technology is a tool, and they’re using it to get an edge. To find out how technology can bring your business success, get in touch today.

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