How can Skype for Business benefit your company?

Written by Anna on April 13 2015

Microsoft Lync

Skype for Business from Microsoft can help your employees connect to the right people, at the right time. Whether you want to make a phone call, ping someone a quick instant message, video call with the MD of your biggest client or set up a multi-site web conference, Skype for Business can do it all. You can share and co-edit documents, make PowerPoint presentations, demonstrate via whiteboards...and what does all of this achieve? Faster communication, instant contact, better productivity and business mobility.

Let’s find out how…

Improved productivity

Skype for Business lets employees find and communicate with each other quickly and effectively. It removes the need to send lengthy emails back and forth saving time while workers use real-time messaging, conferencing and document sharing to interact when they need to, without waiting for email responses or travelling to face-to-face meetings – saving time as well as money.

Reduced costs

The Voice over IP (VoIP) functionality of Skype for Business lets businesses make phone calls to any location without incurring the costs associated with long distance or out of area telephone calls. Skype for Business also provides audio, video and web conferencing which again, helps to reduce the cost of travel to meetings and speeds up productivity, allowing communication to take place quickly and easily from any location and at any time.

Better flexibility

With Skype for Business, your employees can communicate with each other from practically anywhere with an Internet connection and without the need for VPN (Virtual Private Network). This means that if staff need to work from home, abroad, a hotel, conference or meeting then they can communicate with each other just as easily as if they were sat in the same office. This not only improves communication but also productivity.

Increased responsiveness

Skype for Business  lets you be more responsive to customers, partners, and employees. You can respond and react to enquiries instantly from wherever you are, giving you a competitive advantage and meeting and exceeding customer expectation.

Microsoft's Skype for Business helps you to feel part of a team. It gets the job done, fast, with tangible business benefits across the board.

If you’d like to see how Skype for Business could work for your business, drop us a line for a free demonstration.