How can SharePoint benefit your business?

Written by Anna on April 10 2015

Microsoft SharePoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a software platform that can be designed to meet a range of business needs. An intranet-based application, it lets you integrate content storage and document management to simplify the way you collaborate.  And this gives you better communication channels, a centralised approach to document management and greater business control.

  • Improve the way teams work together – edit and comment on documents, saving them back to the cloud
  • Eradicate mass emails with multiple attachments - latest revisions are always evident
  • Create customer-facing intranet sites
  • Search documents in a central location
  • Saved in the cloud, your data is backed up and always available
  • Automate business processes, make tasks less time consuming and boost efficiency
  • Control the design and navigation to create a bespoke site that meets your needs

If your teams need to work together with a consistent user experience designed specifically for your business, then SharePoint could be the solution for you.

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