How will my business benefit from Microsoft Office 365?

Written by Anna on April 9 2015

business benefit from Microsoft Office 365

As a cloud computing solution, Office 365 provides a range of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Hosted by Microsoft and supported by Axon, Office 365 brings together the feature-rich tools of Microsoft's applications to enable you to work anytime, anyplace.

So what do you get?

  • Office Professional Plus or web applications
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Skype for Business
  • Yammer

What are the benefits?

Anywhere access

You can access and share your company data from anywhere with an internet connection, and on any device. Access your company documents through SharePoint online. Get real time communications - instant messaging, audio and video calling, live web conferencing and online meetings - through Skype for Business. Not to mention business-class email on the go. All of this not only enables remote working, it also gives you the opportunity to offer flexible working to employees, boosting both morale and productivity.

It enables you, and your teams, to keep in touch and up to date around the clock, whether that be from home, a conference, or traveling to a meeting. It also means that customer’s enquiries and demands can be met quickly, and promotes stronger relationships with employees, clients and suppliers.

Business continuity

Storing all your business data in the cloud means that it’s always available. This provides you with a secure remote data backup facility and will give you seamless business continuity in the event of an emergency. So, let’s say your offices are rendered out of action. This could be through some sort of disaster such as fire or flood, it could be due to theft or even something as simple as a power cut. With all your critical data stored securely away from your business premises in the cloud, it’s safe and away from harm’s way. You can then relocate incredibly quickly, whether that be to emergency alternative premises or just by sending staff to work from home. Business as usual with minimum downtime and reduced risk.

Reduced costs

Office 365 will dramatically change your payment model. It’s charged on a per user per month basis – effectively you’re renting server space from Microsoft. And it starts from as little as £3.10 per month for the basic package. You don’t need your servers chugging away in your office anymore, which means a reduced cost of ownership and lower maintenance costs. All your upgrades, patches and licensing renewals are taken care of as part of your monthly fee, so no hidden charges, making for better budgeting and turning a CapEx IT model into an OpEx one.


The costs associated with scaling up an on-premise IT solution can be huge. An increase in storage space can mean new servers. Operating systems going end of life can mean, again – new servers. A growing business brings a bigger licencing expense. Bigger servers. Increased maintenance bills. And then what if you invest in all that, and your requirements change again and you need to downscale? Wouldn’t it be easier, to just add another per user per month cost to your shopping basket? And to ask Microsoft to increase your data storage space, and leave the rest to them? Office 365 is just about the most flexible option there is when it comes to scalability. Which will not only save you money, but will speed up the rate at which you can respond to industry changes.

If you’d like to see how Microsoft Office 365 could work for your business, we’re offering a free 30 day trial. Simply drop us a line here, and we’ll do the rest.