What is Customer Lockbox for Office 365?

Written by Anna on February 24 2016

Customer Lockbox

Later this year, a new Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Suite called E5 will be launched. This package will bring a host of new features, one of which will be Customer Lockbox.

Customer Lockbox brings an additional layer of protection to Microsoft’s already rigorous access control policies, in an effort to maximise data security and privacy for Office 365 customers.

It gives customers unprecedented control over their data by eliminating unnecessary access by Microsoft. This means that should Microsoft need to access your data – for example if your business is experiencing a service issue that requires Microsoft to access your systems in order to resolve – then you need to provide explicit permission for them to do so.

You – or your Office 365 administrator - will be notified via email that there is a request for access, and you can then approve or reject these Customer Lockbox requests – meaning that you know each and every occasion that a Microsoft engineer has needed to gain access to your company information. Until the request is approved, the Microsoft engineer will not be granted access.


It’s important to note, that nobody at Microsoft has standing access to customer data in Office 365. Office 365 services are designed so that the engineers performing these service operations never have access to customer content, and the millions of operations performed daily through Office 365 flow mostly through sophisticated workflows without the need for engineer intervention. So with Office 365 your data is already stored in a high security environment. But sometimes, engineer involvement is required to troubleshoot a particular issue, and this is where Customer Lockbox brings an additional layer of security… the only scenario where a Microsoft engineer will need to access customer data is when the customer requests it via Lockbox. In addition, all access control activities in the service are logged and audited.

Customer Lockbox brings an even higher level of compliance for Office 365. If this is something that your business could benefit from, or you have any concerns over cloud computing security, speak to our cloud services team for more information.