What is Online Backup?

Written by Anna on April 9 2015

online backup

Online Backup - What’s your data worth?

Files, folders, documents, emails, databases, calendars, contacts… What would happen if the whole lot just disappeared? Whether it be through hardware failure, cybercrime, hacking, corruption via a virus or simply through human error… it can happen. And when it does, it has devastating consequences.

So what should you do?

Well our advice is to opt for best practice, and that’s an online backup solution. Which is effectively, putting your backup in the cloud.

A remote online backup solution is scheduled to automatically backup your data to servers in a secondary location – usually a secure data centre managed by your IT provider. Here, it will be subject to high levels of encryption, enterprise level security through a multi-layered line of defense with multiple failovers in place to limit risk. This means that your data is replicated away from your main business premises so if anything does happen to your offices or your on-site hardware, your data is fully accessible and ready to be restored.

So, no more remembering to run a manual backup every day. No more worrying about retention periods. An online backup solution gives you peace of mind. It removes risk and in doing so provides you with a business continuity plan that protects you against data loss.

Get protected – speak to us about an online backup solution for your business today.