Written by Tim on 09 October 2019

A cloud computing platform, Azure has been created by Microsoft to let organisations build, deploy and manage applications and services through a global network of managed data centres.

It brings flexibility, and a demand led scalability that results in a host of business benefits – without losing control of your data.

With Azure, moving to the cloud needn’t be an “all or nothing” approach. Flexible options mean you can achieve the best results for your business, on the timescales that you need.

Change tack fast, get to market quicker and beat the competition.

Manage and run your applications and services as though there were sitting in your office.

Cost effective
Scale your solutions quickly, without the need for extra on-premise server space.

Get an improved view of your business and customers with advanced data monitoring and evaluation.

Pay on demand
Only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Peace of mind
Store, back up and recover any type of data.

Reduced costs
Reduce the cost of your IT hardware and server space.

Our dedicated team of Azure specialists can compare on-premise vs cloud options and costs, and help you to evaluate the platform to make the right investment decision for your business before deploying your Microsoft Azure environment – giving you the time to focus on business innovation and strategy.

Contact our cloud services team here to find out more.

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