Will Microsoft Intune benefit your business?

Written by Anna on April 9 2015

Microsoft Intune

Imagine the scene… your office is fully staffed. Everyone has their own PC. Some of your team have laptops…some have tablets. Some have brought their own tablet computers in from home. Others, want their business emails coming in on their smartphones. Who’s got what? Which software is on which device? Who can access what, and on which device? Where do those devices go? Home? Abroad? Where is your licencing up to, and where on earth is your data?

An IT manager’s nightmare. Time consuming. Untrackable. Not scalable, and a risk to your IT security. And from your employees point of view, bad IT management means reduced productivity and frustration.

Enter Microsoft Intune

Intune lets you manage all your IT assets from one central location, literally in the click of a button. It enables IT managers to track devices, manage policies, roll out upgrades and patches, manage line-of-business applications, keep anti-virus software and firewalls up to date – all from any location, courtesy of the cloud.

It's ideally placed for businesses that want to embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), with mobile device management across Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android letting you keep track of your company data on personal computers and smartphones.

It makes your business easier to secure. It brings flexibility, boosts productivity and offers a unified, simplified approach to PC management. Ultimately, it results in a superior level of business control.

So will Microsoft Intune benefit your business? Well if you’re looking for a more cohesive approach to managing your IT, it could just be the solution for you.

Speak to us about how Microsoft Intune could work for you, and relax, safe in the knowledge that your technology is completely under your control.