Yammer Time

Written by Anna on November 7 2013

Microsoft Yammer

Last month we had a brief look at Yammer in our Do You Yammer post, so now let’s take a look at exactly what it can do.

If you’re already familiar with social media you’ll find Yammer works in a similar way to Facebook, with a twist of Twitter thrown in. But don’t forget that unlike these social media bad boys, Yammer is an internal business communication tool. The thought process behind Yammer is that “some of the best ideas come from spontaneous conversations, with people you never expected,” so it’s all based around open communication.

Yammer Is All About Collaborative Creativity

Once your profile is set up and you’ve added your colleagues as contacts you can set about creating or joining groups that interest you – just as you would with Facebook. These could be groups based on departments – marketing, sales, technical – for example, or groups based on a particular project or idea. You can then brainstorm, discuss and share ideas, set up polls, organise events with colleagues online, in real time, no matter where they're located. And you notify your colleagues with @mentions just as you would on Twitter. Plus you can send private messages like your Twitter DMs. Just like other social media tools you can download the app to your mobile phone or tablet computer so you can interact on the go. The benefit of this is a reduction in lengthy email chains and a flexible, collaborative workspace for teams to get work done wherever, whenever.

Yammer makes document collaboration easy

Then there’s document collaboration. So in a similar way to Microsoft SharePoint you can share documents with your team, working on drafts, uploading new content, editing notes – all in real-time with recent changes visible at a glance. Your co-workers and group members can see all the discussions happening around a file and below each file is a feed that lets you catch up on the latest feedback or review past conversations.

There’s also an inbox facility that collates your @mentions, conversations and private messages and lets you track, search, prioritise and organise your conversations.

You can also create external networks to collaborate with contacts outside of your own business if you want to take things a step further – customers, suppliers, partners – which could work well for networking and of course real-time contact with your customers, which is always good for business.

Take a look at the full Yammer feature list, it really does do a lot and provides an innovative and contemporary approach to internal business comms. And in the future Yammer will integrate with Office 365 bringing together messaging, collaboration, email and document sharing for one big connected experience.

So there we have it. Better collaboration, employee engagement, a contemporary and social approach to business comms that can drive innovation, improve staff retention, transform relationships, boost productivity and speed up communications.

Sounds good to me.

Want to start Yammering?

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