Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Better understand your customer, build loyalty, identify the best opportunities and close more deals - faster, with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Evolving the way you sell is essential to stay ahead of the competition and ensure you remain at the forefront of your customer’s minds. 

This can be achieved with Dynamics 365 – a unified approach to selling which presents all your sales activities and important information in one simple user interface – and powered by the cloud.

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Discover cloud-powered CRM that your sales team will love, empowering employees with a new level of remote collaboration. Featuring:

Integrated engagement: Make the most with social tools including social listening capabilities.

Collaboration capabilities: Speed responses and avoid overlapping efforts.

Process automation: Ensure salespeople are focused on selling through proven processes.

Data visualisation: Making it easy to understand the state of the business and each account.

Mobile access: Out of the office and on whatever device, salespeople always have access to their tools and teams.


At Axon, the goal of our expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 team is to help your salespeople deliver amazing customer experiences that lead to closing more deals, faster. And with Dynamics 365 being delivered online and in weeks rather than months, achieving this needn’t be expensive or time consuming.

We assign all our customers a personal contact because we understand that great relationships, reliable service and being a trusted partner are as important as the right IT.

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