It’s time to get serious about cyber security

Remove the risk of malicious cyber attacks and protect your business for the future

The digital world now offers endless opportunities for ambitious businesses to grow and prosper, although with every opportunity comes a challenge. And that challenge is cyber risk.

Cyber attacks and data breaches can cause intense business disruption, data loss, and undoubtedly financial hardship. Not to mention the reputational damage.

Most attacks are indiscriminate, so every company is potentially at risk, regardless of whether you are a Global Plc or a local small business.

Here at Axon we help businesses to tackle the challenges of cyber attacks, with robust security assessments to identify existing breaches and weak points to secure the business, and keep it that way.

What you need to know about Cyber Security

As a small to medium size business the likelihood of being the victim of a breach is over 50%. Now is the time to make sure you aren’t on the wrong side of the fifty percent.

If you’re an SME, then Cyber Security might not necessarily be at the top of your priority list, but it’s a common misconception that you aren’t a target for attackers because you are too small or that attackers only target big businesses.

At Axon we can perform a thorough assessment of your current IT provision, identifying weakness, and put in place a comprehensive plan to remediate issues and protect for the future. Our assessments are not invasive and do not disrupt your ongoing business activities.

Once your network and systems are secure it is important to ensure they stay that way. With an ever increasing flow of new threats being launched continuously, there is no option to stand still.

Here’s how we can help you stay ahead of the game:

  • Incident Prevention
  • Monitor and stop attack
  • Respond with speed and intelligence

Case Study

Enabling Tarmac’s 600 users to collaborate better across 60 sites

Losing data means losing assets, trust and money. The average cost in 2018 was £117 per compromised record. And the “internal threat” - your staff’s lack of security awareness - is one of the biggest.

Axon solutions protect your data and people because when it’s gone, it’s gone!.

  • Protect your people
  • Control access everywhere
  • Always back up safely

Many UK companies are still struggling to stay compliant with GDPR and other regulations, relying on meeting the minimum requirement rather than proper security policies. This is where hackers can easily find weaknesses.

At Axon we help you maintain regulation policies, but also ensuring that your policies are up to date around the latest threats.

  • Automate governance everywhere
  • Answer data requests more easily
  • Achieve high standards, as standard

Would your business survive a cyber attack?

Find out with a detailed Security Assessment. Know your security weaknesses and learn what it would take to implement enterprise-grade security for your business.

Emergency Incident Response

Whether or not you have a cybersecurity solution in place, an unexpected attack or data breach can leave you uncertain about what has happened – and what may happen to your business next.

80% of major data breaches result in the business closing. The average cyber attack in the UK costs businesses from around £50,000 for a small business and into the millions for Enterprise. Re-secure your business quickly with Axon to minimise cost, loss of data and impact on your reputation.

With the Axon Emergency Incident Response service, our cybersecurity experts can quickly:

  • Automate governance anywhere
  • Answer data requests more easily
  • Achieve high standards, as standard


You can get your business back up and running fast and minimise cyber attack damage and costs.
If your business has suffered a cyber attack, talk to an Axon security expert.

Identify security weaknesses so you can address them fast

When an attack or data breach happens, the impact ranges from disruption to business closure. You can identify your security weaknesses now, at no cost to your business. You’ll also gain a detailed report on how to efficiently protect your network, data and customers.