Be Compliant

Stay up to date and get compliance right

Does your business struggle to stay compliant with GDPR and other ever-changing compliance regulations? By only relying on meeting the minimum requirements, you could be allowing hackers to find weaknesses in your cyber security.

Don’t get caught out by non-compliance 

Regulatory requirements become outdated fairly quickly in the cyber security world. By the time governing bodies overseeing these standards implement measures to fix these vulnerabilities, it’s generally too late. 

At Axon, we help you maintain regulation policies, but also ensure that your security policies are up to date around the latest threats – protecting your data and your business.

Axon will help you to:

Automate governance everywhere

Axon helps you set your data governance rules. And with Microsoft tools and cloud, your rules are applied across apps, storage, mobile devices and more.

Answer data requests more easily

You can answer requests from data subjects more cost-efficiently, by using Microsoft AI to find relevant data easily.

Achieve high standards, as standard

You will have a highly trusted cloud platform, certified for EU data law compliance and where your data is always encrypted.




Is your data safe from cybercriminals and your own team?

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