Detect and Protect

Stay ahead of the game with Cyber Security

Protecting against known threats, detecting new ones and addressing the gaps in your remote working systems is a major part of a successful security strategy. Find out how Axon can help your business Detect & Protect.

As many employers seek to expand their remote working options, it’s important to ensure your network and systems are secure. With an ever-increasing flow of new threats being launched continuously, there is no option to stand still. 

Our assessments are the first major step in securing your new cloud-based systems and data and are fundamental in minimising future risks.

How can Axon help?

Incident prevention

Comprehensive security including malware protection, 2-factor authentication and Threat Intelligence utilising Machine learning systems to defend you from attacks

Monitor and stop attacks

Axon security experts can actively and remotely detect cyber attacks and shut them down before they lead to damage. Your in-house and remote working security burden is reduced affordably.

Respond with speed and intelligence

What would you do if your security was breached? With Axon, your business is quickly re-secured and data loss is minimised.


Would your business survive a cyber attack?

Find out with a free, detailed Security Assessment. Know your security weaknesses and learn what it would take to implement enterprise-grade security for your business.