Incident response

Re-secure your business after a cyberattack or breach

Has your business suffered a cyberattack or data breach? The Axon Emergency Incident Response helps you to re-secure your business fast, minimise damage and prevent further data loss.

Emergency incident response

Whether or not you have a cybersecurity solution in place, an unexpected attack or data breach can leave you uncertain about what has happened – and what may happen to your business next.

Attacks happen when cybercriminals find a vulnerability in your network security. Once a vulnerability has been exposed, attackers can continue to exploit it until it is addressed. So, even if you put your website back online or change your passwords, attackers might be able to access your network again and cause further damage

We will help to re-secure your business quickly to minimise cost, loss of data and impact on your reputation.

With the Axon Emergency Incident Response service, our cybersecurity experts can quickly:

  • Isolate and stop the attack
  • Fix vulnerabilities that led to the attack
  • Repair damage where possible
  • Prevent further attacks 


Get your business back up and running fast and minimise cyberattack damage and costs

If your business has suffered a cyberattack, talk to an Axon security expert.