Stop Data Loss

Start protecting your data and your business

Protecting against known threats and detecting new ones is a major part of a successful security strategy. Find out how Axon can help your business prevent potential data loss from cyber attacks

Axon solutions protect your data and people, wherever they are.

Protect your people

With built-in email and browser security, plus multi-factor authentication for user sign-ins, it’s much harder for staff to click malicious links or get hacked.

Control access everywhere

Easily manage who can use which apps on all of your devices, including mobile. Remove access rights even after files have been emailed outside your network.

Always back up safely

All of your files and data are automatically encrypted and backed up on the highly trusted Microsoft Cloud. Lost data can be recovered quickly.


Is your data safe from cybercriminals and your own team?

Find out with a free, detailed Security Assessment. Know your security weaknesses and learn what it would take to implement enterprise-grade security for your business.