Leverage the strength of public and private cloud for enhanced performance and ultimate flexibility.
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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Get the best of both worlds, with hybrid cloud from Axon.

So what happens if your company is perfectly suited to public cloud services, but your line of business applications need to sit on a dedicated server? Hybrid cloud, that’s what.

A powerful combination of physical or virtual servers and/or public cloud infrastructure that efficiently combines private and public cloud environments and/or on premise equipment into one cohesive solution.

Hybrid solutions let you use different cloud delivery services for different applications, to provide ultimate performance or to adhere to specific data protection regulations, increasing capacity on demand, bringing an additional layer of security to a public cloud solution and enabling your employees to move seamlessly between environments from any location, and on any device.


Hybrid cloud solutions from Axon provide the ultimate flexibility, minimal capital investment, full scalability, and unprecedented security.

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