Microsoft Sharepoint Solution For Macclesfield Town Football Club

Axon recently developed a Microsoft cloud solution featuring Microsoft SharePoint Online for Macclesfield Town Football Club.

The challenge

Macclesfield Town Football Club is a National League football club based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. The club required a way to develop a unified approach to post-match analysis and improve team training to help gain a competitive edge. They needed a place to upload training videos, so that they could download them from the various locations the club works from across Cheshire to improve collaboration across sites and to enable to team to leverage training material from any location.

The solution

Axon developed a Microsoft cloud solution featuring Microsoft SharePoint Online. By using SharePoint Online the club was able to upload training videos and instantly download them at their training ground in Knutsford.

This solution helped the club’s Manager John Askey utilise the training videos to their maximum capacity. He was able to analyse matches and gain valuable insight into opposing teams, with the ultimate aim of winning more matches.

Microsoft SharePoint provides a central location for all documentation to be securely stored. It allows users to easily share files and folders via a simple link, eliminating the need to download and attach files to emails which can fail due to large size. It’s available as part of the Microsoft 365 suite or as a stand-alone product. The application was the perfect solution for Macclesfield Town FC – because it is available anywhere, the club’s training team can use it on any mobile device to gain instant access to the documentation and videos they need.

As well as helping the players and the training staff, Microsoft SharePoint also helped with operations, enabling the administration side of the business to run a lot more smoothly. With easy to use functionality, workers are more comfortable operating the technology and the club is now able to work to their maximum capacity.

Macclesfield Town has also adopted flexible working, one of the many benefits of cloud computing. A lot of the staff that work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the club are working from home. The new working style has helped boost productivity and enabled the club to achieve more off the pitch.

The results

SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 also help provide business continuity processes for Macclesfield Town. With all of the club’s data stored securely in the Microsoft cloud, it remains intact and fully accessible in the event that the club’s premises are rendered out of action through an emergency such as fire, flood or theft, meaning business as usual if the worst happens. With SharePoint Online, the club can access data from anywhere with an internet connection, and its most valuable information is kept safe and always readily available.

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