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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Do you use mobile devices? So, where's your data?

According to Microsoft, 66% of employees use personal mobile devices for work purposes while 61% of workers mix personal and work tasks on their devices. But, here’s the biggie… 95% of all security incidents involve human error.

With more devices in the workplace, plus the demand to do business anywhere, it can be challenging to manage people and the devices they use while ensuring company data stays safe. Tablets and smartphones help staff be more productive, but what’s the business risk? Are your employees accessing company documents from the family iPad? What happens to the files they download? What if that device gets lost or stolen? Would you even know? So, who’s hands is your data in now? Well that’s where Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) can help.

Protect your company data, safeguard your users, anywhere, on any device.

Software Solutions

EMS helps you to manage mobile devices (iOS, Windows or Android), securing sensitive information and keeping your data safe.

Lock a lost or stolen device to restrict access… reset a user’s PIN to enable access once it’s been found… remotely wipe data from a device that can’t be located… and ensure sensitive data sent via email remains in the right hands by setting permissions for each recipient, restricting their ability to print, share or extract email content both in and outside of the office.

While features including Single-Sign-On, Multi Factor Authentication, anti-virus and Advanced Threat Detection help mitigate risk and protect against cyber crime.

With Microsoft EMS and Office 365, protecting your company assets has never been easier or more affordable.

Microsoft EMS gives you complete control, and peace of mind that your data, applications and devices are kept secure.



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In a mobile-first, cloud-first world, businesses need to work on the move, without compromising on security. Download our datasheet to find out how Microsoft EMS can help.

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