Encourage better collaboration with a digitally connected workforce

While nothing can replace face to face interactions, your employees should have the tools and freedom to work and collaborate anywhere - across a number of different devices. Bringing teams and customers closer together.

With Axon + Microsoft you can choose the apps and communication tools that fit your business. We enable staff to work together, from anywhere and we offer proactive security to help protect against sophisticated threats.

Communication and connectivity problems are no longer a valid excuse

Do your teams keep missing deadlines?

Even though your staff are organised in teams, it’s not always clear what their goals are or who’s responsible for what. Managers can’t see what’s going on, so they can’t take action to steer the ship.

With online apps and programmes, your team can:

  • Stay on track: Tools like Microsoft Teams and Yammer give you a shared space to define and assign project goals and deadlines.
  • Keep work transparent: Management has visibility into everything that is said and shared.
  • Get more done: Staff can talk, share ideas and content, and even start co-authoring Office docs inside a Teams hub.

Does your team still have to connect and sign-in when working remotely?

How your team accesses files and resources remotely should be just as seamless as if they were trying to use them in the office. 

With Axon, we make everything accessible. So:

  • VPN connections are a thing of the past: Whether you’re a SME or large enterprise, we ensure all your employees can easily access your company data – simultaneously. 
  • It’s secure and reliable: We will ensure your server is fully protected from malware and attack – and make it safe to access from anywhere on any device. Plus, on the off chance your cloud server goes down, other servers in the network can pick up the slack so there’s never any downtime. 
  • Nothing is lost: You save on storage of countless outdated file versions – but keep your version histories. 
  • Nobody’s left out: Everyone in the group can see the latest data and insights, collaborate in real-time and access previous version history easily.

Do your teams, devices and apps really work together?

Staff members have their own file storage and private email threads. Work and content don’t flow between apps and devices. It’s all very disjointed, and it’s all very wasteful. Files and tasks are needlessly duplicated as you try to stitch the workflows together.

With a digitally connected approach to working, you have:

  • More ways to work together: Staff communicate how they choose – voice, IM, video, email, sharing content and ideas – and they do it in Microsoft Teams hubs where everyone can stay in the loop.
  • More storage, available everywhere: There’s one efficient pool of Microsoft Cloud storage, which everyone can access everywhere.
  • Apps that work everywhere: Important tools, services and apps work seamlessly together across all kinds of devices.


To find out more about how Axon can help you improve workforce collaboration, get in touch today.