A modern workspace means your team is better connected

The workplace is no longer confined to your office. It’s a space that goes with your staff everywhere, and it shares the work they do with the rest of the team instantly.

With Axon, you can be a more flexible place to work. Each member of your team has different needs and roles. You can empower them to work how they work best – whether it’s from home, while travelling, wherever inspiration strikes – by providing them with instant access to the tools and data they need.

Overcome today’s connectivity challenges

Is your business meeting modern family and accessibility needs?

Top talent expects to be able to work flexibly, in ways that fit in with their family commitments. If you don’t have the infrastructure to support flexible working, you might not be able to attract or retain them.

With the proper programmes and systems in place:

  • Remote doesn’t mean distant: Working from home feels like working next to colleagues with Microsoft Teams video meetings.
  • Communicating is easy: When staff work non-standard hours, they can catch up on all the chat and updates in Microsoft Teams hubs.
  • Your work comes with you: All of your apps, files and communications tools are just as available on a home PC, mobile or tablet as in the office.

Does it feel like your out-of-office staff are sometimes out of the loop?

When your salespeople and business leaders are out on the road, they can’t access the tools and files they need to work. They might take a tablet or laptop with them, but they can only share what they create by email. And when they get back, they have to spend time catching up instead of hitting the ground running.

Armed with the right tools:

  • People can create an on-the-go workspace: Travelling staff can do everything they can do in the office – even taking part in meetings and co-authoring in real-time.
  • It’s like they never left: Documents, data and images travelling staff create are instantly available to the rest of the team.
  • There’s no more dead time: Staff can work when travelling, and there’s less need for catch-up time when they return.


To find out more about how Axon can help you get better connected, contact us today.