Gone are the days at the office. Let’s create your new workspace.

Your place of work is no longer one fixed address. It is a unified digital workspace that you can access from anywhere at any time.

There are many teachings to take from 2020 – in all areas surrounding family, physical and mental wellbeing, science and business. 

At Axon, we’re only qualified to talk about those business teachings. Although that’s not to say they won’t have positive knock-on effects to those other areas we previously mentioned. 

As a business you have enough challenges – how to win new customers, take on competitors, grow your business. Your workplace should be part of the solution, not another problem to deal with.

Everything you could do in the office can now be done wherever, whenever. 

Thanks to technologies like cloud and fast mobile networks, remote working is no longer a luxury, it’s a way of life. 

When you have a completely digitally connected workforce:

  • Tools fit perfectly: Microsoft 365 apps and Microsoft Cloud let work and data flow smoothly between all your tools and devices.
  • Everyone is up to date: Microsoft Teams gives you a single source of truth – one version of each file that everyone can access and work on, on any device.
  • Teams are closer: Staff can co-author content, talking and typing and commenting on the same file simultaneously – again, in any Microsoft 365 app on any device.

Empowering your workforce to create their own workspace where they want, how they want, can help overcome today’s productivity challenges.

Is there too much downtime across your business?

It is no longer enough to create a VPN connection for remote access to your servers or risk your employees forgetting to email themselves that important document they need to continue working on remotely. That causes unexpected downtime, which prevents staff from working. And it all leads to missed deadlines and customer disappointment.

Transforming the way you do business means:

  • IT is ultra reliable: Windows, your Office apps and your IT security are all managed for you.
  • Your files are never out of reach: Modernise and go server-less, you can use your apps and access all your data in the cloud.
  • You can be more socially responsible: Working remotely enables you to cut down on travel emissions and the wasted business costs that go with it.  
  • Support is fast: Axon is here to help, when something does go wrong.

Are your staff frustrated by their tools and lack of flexibility?

Top talent knows digital technology – millennials have grown up with technology on tap and will soon make up the majority of the workforce. They demand a healthy work-life balance, flexibility and the use of technology to be more effective.

Going digital empowers your workforce to create their own modern workspace. With our help, your team has:

  • The latest tools: The latest versions of Microsoft Windows, Teams and Office.
  • Mobility: Do you have team members who prefer to work from their own devices? No problem. With our advanced security built into cloud services and apps it’s never been safer for staff to work remotely, on any device – including mobile phones.
  • Power to achieve more: Staff feel trusted. And with everything they need to excel at their fingertips, your business can reach its goals faster.

The office is no longer one physical place

The world has evolved and so has our workplaces. It is no longer a space with old PCs, physical servers, storage and filing cabinets, with every employee in eyesight from 9am to 5pm.  It’s now a space you create wherever you are, whenever that may be.

Evolving to a modern workspace helps you:

Increase efficiency: Staff can work from anywhere on any device, increasing productivity and enjoying a modern work-life balance.

Make cost savings: You can save money on equipment, power, cooling and physical office space. Plus, travel expenses – particularly if you have more than one office that the team has to visit for meetings. 

Do more with your office: You have more room to grow your team and build a more inspiring and collaborative environment for when you do get together..



To find out more about how Axon can help you evolve to a modern workspace, get in touch today.