Do you know how easy it is to be hacked?

From completing our simple security assessment, we can pin-point your security weaknesses and provide you with a detailed report on how to efficiently protect your network, data and customers on a no cost, no obligation basis.

We’re experts in delivering complete cyber security solutions to companies across the UK.

91% of hacks start with an email

If your staff haven’t been effectively trained in spotting phishing attacks, their curiosity - or even urgency to respond to an email - can put your company at risk.

80% of major data breaches result in closure

Loss of data can have a detrimental effect on your brand reputation - not including the effect it can have on your costs.

SMEs are over 50% more likely to be the victim of an attack

It’s a common misconception to think small enterprises won’t be a target but hackers don’t discriminate, leaving every company at risk.

It’s time to safeguard your business before it’s too late. Hacking software and technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated, with phishing attacks now being the most popular way of installing malware into an organisation’s network.

Emails with malicious attachments and deviant links are now the go-to method as hackers are quickly learning that a business’s most accessible ‘weakness’ is its people –  and their lack of anti-phishing training. .

At Axon, we want to protect your business and empower your employees without causing disruption to any ongoing business activities.

From filling out a quick form, our experts will perform an assessment of your current security solutions. This will allow us to find any weaknesses and existing issues, before putting a plan in place to rectify and protect you in the future.

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Complete our quick and easy no cost, no obligation Cyber Security Assessment to identify your security weaknesses. You’ll also receive a detailed report on how we can work together to efficiently protect your network, data and customers.